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Moana Shipyard has been founded in 1982 by Franco and Vittorio Malingri. Since then father and son produced over 130 series blue water cruisers and some ocean racing and cruising full custom one off. The series of Moana Bluewater Yachts is highly appreciated by long range sailors that used them for cruising, round the world voyages and ocean racing. Today the Moanas, all afloat, sailing and crossing oceans owner after owner and well known for their sailing abilities, seaworthiness, reliability, high quality building, finishing and professional plants, are a “cult” among sailors, expert navigators and globetrotters.

Since Moana Shipyard stopped his own series boat production started to refit classic Swans and Baltics, and other top quality works as making teak deck for high luxury maxis produced by Adria Sail Custom Yachts or building full carbon daysailers for B-Yachts, all still actual yard Vittorio's brother Enrico and his company Malingri Marine,.

Moana Shipyard choice is to remain a small artisan yard and bring on tradition. Today are the very hands of Vittorio Malingri in person, and those of his old team, that continue to design and buildat the state of the art also what you do not see, without industrial tricks and using quality materials. This is the secret for a safe and practical use at sea, at the anchor or moored to a dock, as it is for comfort, reliability and finally and for speed and fun. The global quality at Moana Shipyard is achieved through a designing and engineering process strong of an extraordinary "in house” know how about sailing and boat building, the use of the better materials and building process.

The Malingri's, known as the "italian sailing family", are a reference in blue water cruising and ocean racing since three generation. Their sailing and boatbuilding experience begun in the late 60' with uncle Doi making the first Italian modern transatlantic crossing aboard the Arpege “Nina Boba”. Later he took part in the first Cape to Rio and, with his brother Franco, in the first Whitbread Around the World Race, followed by Clipper Race and Ostars. The sailboats they used for ocean racing where often conceived by the two brothers and lately became series production. In the early '00 Franco used a series Moana 39 and a Moana 27 in two OSTAR editions. During those years all Moana's models, 45', 39', 33' and 27', where uses for OSTARs and other transatlantic races by various Italian skippers, as Franco Manzoli who arrived third in the 30' class in '92 aboard Moana 27' "Alberobello".

Moana 45'

At the age of 12 Vittorio helped his father and uncle in the preparation of CS&RB, a 50' Robert Clark design, and saw her sailing away from Italy toward  the start line of the Whitbread Around the World Race start. That day he committed his life to ocean sailing, ocean yacht design and building. Many are the world exploring trips, the solo or double handed races and record, the sailing school courses or family voyage he took part with mono and multihulls. After the 2016/17 Marseille to Chartage and the Dakar to Guadelupe F20 records, with his son Nico, Vittorio left definitively ocean wandering and racing and came back home after a “40 years round the world” that he begun with a family round the world at the age of 16. His offshore racing sailing career was interrupted now and then by designing new yacht in the family yacht design studio in Milano and building their prototype in Moana Shipyard in Fano. Among his designs there are 5 of series Moana and the first Italian built IMOCA60', on which he took part in solo and doublehanded  ocean races and a in Vendée Globe,  before racing in ORMA trimarans and F20 distance records. Today he is one of the two top Italian ocean sailors and an innovative yacht designer.


Definitively back on land in 2017 Vittorio worked as project manger for a high perfomance multihull in construction at Adria Sail Custom Yachts, designed by his friend architect Marco Veglia, his partner in the VMV Yacht Design firm. Marco, a lifetime sailor himself and owner of the MinMo900 prototype, was involved in Moana Shipyard since the latest 2000 Moana Bluewater Yachts designs. In the last 20 years he produced a lot of valuable exterior and interior design for big luxury explorer yachts and sail and engine powered catamarans, built around the Fano area under his project management or for french multihulls design firms and shipyards.

In 2020 Vittorio & Marco decided to restart the production of their own series and custom yacht, after 18 years since the launch of the last Moana. They designed MinMo900, the first new proposal in the Moana Bluwater Yachts series, Supercat66', a high performance cruising catamaran, and are now working on the Sea Rover 55' project, a new generation of powered Long Range Cruiser,  the latest two to be built by the new shipyard's branch Moana Custom, specialized in top quality full custom one-off yachts, designed by VMV YD or by other design firms.

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Vittorio Malingri & Marco Veglia
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