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A very fast and seaworthy luxury high performance cruising cat able to carry the extra weight of cruising gear and comfort, like the modern maxi-yachts do. Multihulls “do it better” cause they are fast and spacious, but as we all know weight is the counterpart, but also waterlines, appendages, design centers, bridge-deck high, sail plan, weight concentration are all determinant points. Moana Custom asked VMV YD the same care in the naval architecture as it was a project for a racing catamaran intended for endurance use. SuperCat66' sail fast and smooth in cruising charge and resist to prolonged waves and wind stresses without fear for the structure, designed in 2020, and built for safe ocean passages in both directions and luxury and comfortable holidays in warm or cold climates, Supercat66' has no compromise sailing abilities to be a major player in the circuit. Narrow and deep waterlines, a very high bridgedeck, effective appendages, a sail plan optimized for a wide range of situations, short handed maneuvers but that can also be played by a crew. Weights and on board systems are placed in the longitudinal centered, as required by fine sailors and expert navigators. Layouts for cockpit, living area and hull interiors are intended for a comfortable cruising use. Also in the base RACE and PRO-RACE versions there are cabins and separate toilets. Volumes, air and light are in the average parameters of these yachts, with more deep hulls we added great storage place and bigger tanks for long passages or liveaborders.

All on-board systems, are light and fuel savings also if full equipped. All materials and devices used are of the best quality, burn and pollute less possible and are integrated in smart chain for a better performance, back up and working life. SuperCat66' is also available with hybrid propulsion, electric in-grid or full electric.


Builder:                                    ELEVA Yachts & Moana Shipyard

Naval architecture :                                  VMV YD

Interior design :                                         VMV YD 

Structures:                                                 VMV YD

Hull lengt:                                                   20,11m

L.W.L:                                                           20,11m
Bmax:                                                          8,89 m
Draft :                                                          1,30/3,30m

Displacement light ship:                           14000>19000 kg 

Displacement max load:                           18000>23000 kg
Water clearence                                         29,5 m

Mast tube lenght                                        24,65m

T.sail area upwind (main- genoa):            236 m²

T- sail area downwind (main- code0):      278 m²
Main Sail:                                                    123 m²

Code 0:                                                        155 m²
Genoa                                                          113 m²

Staysail                                                       49 m²

Storm Jib:                                                   17,5 m²
Fresh water tanks:                                     2 x 1000 lt
Fuel tanks:                                                  2 x 1000 lt

Grey water tanks:                                       2 x 250 lt

Black water tanks:                                     2 x 80 lt
Engines:                                                      2 x Yanmar 57HP Generator:                                                   Wisper Power 5kw 

Watermaker:                                               ZP 220 l/h 

Transmission:                                             SS shaft, 3 blade p

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