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MiniMo900 RACE


MiniMo900 RACE have Open Class waterlines, twin rudders,  IRC or  Open Class keel,  water ballasts, powerfull and light mast with one plan of 25° swept aft spreaders and discontinuous rigging, square top main, staysail movable stay and orientable bowsprit for Code 0 and Asy spinnakers. The hull and deck structure is hand laminated with unidirectional and quadriaxial e-glass cloth over PVC closed cell foam with vinylester resin and post cured, has a reinforcement grid integrated with a simple and light interior. There is the choice between a fix structural 700 lead bulb keel, in one piece with the hull, or a 2,5m. deep lifting keel with a 500kg T lead bulb. Everything it calibrated to face a transatlantic race in both direction. 

MiniMo900 RACE has been designed to compete in long distance Mediterranean and Atlantic races with a crew from 1 to 4 people. Inside 4 bunks, kitchen and chart table offer comfortable rest and food, there is a lot of storage place for long navigations or holidays. A separate toilet aft of the main bulked is optional.

MiniMo900 RACE is very fast but also seaworthy and well balanced, easy at the helm also for the automatic pilot. The cockpit is deep and protected by a spray hood that host the tiller man and a crew member from sprays and cold permitting long watches and concentration. Maneuvers are at hand, the generous 3 reefs and the cutter rig with a reefed staysail  make sail changes quick and easy without dragging bags through the deck. The swinging bowsprit give more angle and balance downwind under gennaker and host a huge Code0 for light airs.


Builder:                                   Moana Shipyard

Naval architecture :               VMV YD

Structure:                                VMV YD

Interior design:                       VMV YD

L.O.A:                                       9,14 m

L.W.L:                                       8,01 m
B max:                                     2,68 m
Draft:                                       1,70m   (Lifting keel 0,80/2,60 m)

Displacement (empty):          1800 kg. (Lifting keel 1600kg)

Ballast:                                    700 kg.   (Lifting keel500kg.)

Water ballast                          2X 350 l.
Upwind sail area:                   51,22 m²

Downwind sail area:              96,30 m²
Main:                                        30,30 m²

Code 0:                                     32,30 m²
Genoa:                                      20,70 m²

Staysail:                                     8,80 m²
Asymmetric spinnaker:          66,00 m²

Water tank:                              1 x 65 lt
Fuel tank:                                 1 x 45 lt

Black water tank:                    1 x 20lt
Engine:                                     1 x outboard 9hp, (inboard opt.) 

Transmission:                          outboard 3 blade working prop

Batteries:                                 1 x 110A home 

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