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No other yacht offer the amount of living space per length as a power catamaran can do. Not only a lot space, but divided in the most suitable way in isolated internal and external areas. The huge volumes of the hulls host more cabins and toilet or a private suite. The owner quarters are also in the front part of the main roof with access to a private front cockpit complete with lounge area, sunbath and jacuzzi.

A PowerCat 90' can be propelled as a fast planning yacht, reaching cruising speed of 20 and more knots, or as a displacement yacht with much smaller engines and a 5000 miles range in any climate.

With a 10/11kn average cruising speed, with smooth longitudinal motion and stabilized roll, life on board and a comfortable use all cabins and areas are permitted also during deliveries. Used to high quality production we build every kind of decor and we install house and yacht systems of the latest technology, there is total choice about layout, style and finishing and to assemble smart energy saving configurations for the production and the use of electricity, water, clima, refrigeration, recreational.

In displacement configuration the Powercat90't is powered by two diesel engines or 2 electric engines + 2 generators

This way of power cruising is becoming more and more interesting. With a highly reduced running cost, a 240 miles a day approaching speed, a comfortable life aboard during deliveries trip far away areas becomes possible holidays targets and the cruising ground varies from year to year.

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