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MiniMo770 Open Cruiser


MiniMo770 OC is a modern yacht conceived for blue water cruising and comfortable holidays. Waterlines have been designed for seaworthiness, balance and speed. Free bord and roof have important dimensions to protect and give internal high in the living area. 

A true yacht from every point of view, simple but equipped with everything is needed for cruising: an inboard engine on shaft line, good internal living and storage place,  bigger boat home systems like hot sweet water, salt water in the kitchen, inverter for AC, battery charger, bilge and sweet water electric pumps, black water tank and capable water and fuel tanks. 

Very fast for his length MiniMo770 OC can sail a lot of miles a day without stress, it's capable to face heavy seas and strong winds with storm jib on the staysail stay and 3 reefs on the main. A sprayhood protect tiller man and crew from spray and cold wind, all maneuvers are easy and at hand. 

Interiors are roomy, well lighted and ventilated. There are 6 bunks, including a double front cabin,  a separate toilet with shower  and kitchen and chart table have true dimensions and can be used comfortably. 

ùIt is offered with a structural fix keel, in one piece with the hull, or with a lifting T keel. 

MiniMo770 OC is trailerable with both keel, to reach far away cruising ground in a short time and change navigation areas during summer or in winter times. 


Builder:                                   Moana Shipyard

Naval architecture :               VMV YD

Structure:                                VMV YD

Interior design:                       VMV YD

L.O.A:                                       7,68 m

L.W.L:                                       7,50m
B max:                                     2,68 m
Draft:                                       1,60m   (Lifting keel 0,80/2,50 m)

Displacement (empty):          1700 kg. (Lifting keel 1500kg)

Ballast:                                    500 kg.   (Lifting keel 300kg.)
Upwind sail area:                   53,22 m²

Downwind sail area:              73,60 m²
Main:                                        26,60 m²

Code 0:                                     26,62 m²
Genoa:                                      20,30 m²

Staysail:                                   9,23 m²
Asymmetric spinnaker:          47,00 m²

Water tank:                              1 x 200 lt
Fuel tank:                                 1 x 100 lt

Black water tank:                    1 x 20lt
Engine:                                     1 x Yanmar 9hp, (14hp optional)

Transmission:                          shaft line, 3 blade folding prop.

Batteries:                                 1 x 110A home, 1 x 110A engine


“In more than fifty years of offshore sailing my idea of cruising yacht  has greatly evolved.  The solutions I tried with success in years of ocean racing have changed boats, increasing the capability to face heavy weather with more safety. MiniMo770 OC it is what I judge the "minimum"  length to be considered a true blue water cruiser , a real yacht and a Moana".

                                                                                                                                                Vittorio Malingri  

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