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Moana Bluewater Yachts




Moana Bluewater Yachts are for real sailors, a “cult” among expert Owners with a strong passion and a clear vision, accustomed to live aboard at sea, at the anchor or moored in a port. A Moana is a very peculiar yacht: true, rich, made with extreme care. A high quality construction at the state of the art of boat building, made with passion, skills, using the better materials for any kind of navigation,  able to face severe whether with great reliability and requiring a small effort by his crew.

To contain costs, instead to act on the production where no resources are spared, Moana Bluewater Yachts has a "soft" approach, nearer to the client. We are artisans selling they work, we do not spend for marketing or boat show so company costs are only a tiny part of the yacht price. The client pay all materials used in the construction and equipping the yacht at shipyard price. A Moana cost is 90% “weight and labour” and include the designing of external and internal variations and the consult for the choice of all optional gear and again the shipyard discount to buy them; from rope to sails from tender to electronics, from safety materials to whether clothing or mooring gear.

Moana Bluewater Yachts, despite their length, have already included in the base version all the optional necessary for a comfortable life aboard and energy management: refrigerator, hot water, electric wc, battery charger, inverter, 220v. and 12v. USB sockets, electric bilge pump, pressure water pump and foot pumps, salt water in the kitchen, high capacity house and engine batteries ,swim ladder and more.

To complete the yacht with all the gear and gadgets the Owner wants aboard Moana Bluewater Yachts, continue to offer his shipyard discount and the normal labour cost to fit them on board, or to customize the yacht inside or outside.

This approach allow to buy a very high quality yacht, designed and built for a professional use, highly customized on the Owner needs at a final cost very near to a boat built with an industrial method,  where a huge part of the customer price pay company and trade chain.

We have built our brand on the fame of our product and on the customer care. The added value coming from our design and navigation experience is unique. The quality level of the construction and the quality/cost ratio are hard to be found.

MiniMo900 Open Cruiser

“The new Moana Bluewater Yachts line, to whom MiniMo900 OC give the start, it is the same proposal as ever: yachts conceived and built for no limit holidays, blue water cruising and live aboard. Comfortable and luxury boats, well rigged and equipped, seaworthy and reliable, easy to sail also in rough whether, handcrafted built with the better materials without sparing cost or building process. Our sailing, design and building experience has been enriched quite e lot in the last 20 years and now shows design choices, lines and look very different from the Classic Moanas. Today we propose a better yacht at the anchor or in a gale. If there is a difference is that once they where sturdy, fast, roomy and well finished, today they are also the top of comfort and details care, inside and outside”.

Vittorio Malingri                 


A Moana Bluewater Yachts is an absolute value that remains unchanged while sailing through the time. Know how, selling philosophy, quality/cost ratio, conception, structures, gears and plants are the strong point of a Moana. Sophisticated construction, fix weigh longitudinally and transversely centered, balanced water lines for a smooth navigation, structural keel in one piece with the hull, strong rudders, efficient rigs, simple but efficient decks are all winning choices coming from a 50 years experience about sailing and design and well over a million sailed miles in different yachts.

Moana is a concentrated of knowledge, traditional building solutions where they are better and last generation ones where they demonstrate to be winning. Professional rigs and plants, accessories and gear type and brand chosen for the quality and to be easily replaced or serviced everywhere in the world.

Moana are born for comfortable cruises and great voyages, to turn dreams in reality.

They are Magic.

MiniMo900 OC-Ocean interiors

MiniMo770 OC


MiniMo770 RACE


MiniMo900 OC

M35'WRC white in water 3-4 front

M35' WRC

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