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M35' WRC


"M35' WRC is a Moana Bluewater Yachts born to sail without limits in the most modern and efficient way and to race inshore, offshore and ocean races. The idea is: to provide a latest generation yacht, to offer, included in the base boat , the right mix of speed solutions, to keep the purchase, management and logistics costs equal to any racing boat of this length. This is why we wanted a very powerful hull, able to be extremely fast also in his simpler configuration, with fixed keel and water ballast, but that can be upgraded with all the available technology. M35' WRC Base comes with: double fix rudders, fixed keel with T-bulb, water ballast, adjustable bowsprit, secondary winches and complete deck gear, self-supporting sail plan with running back stays for safe and mast trim. This configuration is ideal for racing at the highest level on a low budget, keeping the boat simple and reliable. For more performance M 35' WRC can be ordered with a carbon fix or rotating mast, fiber rigging, lifting rudders. The RACE Base interior is very essential and light but pleasant and practical to live at sea for long periods and dignified holidays. The RACE Comfort layout is for racers/cruisers wanting an all round yacht and more comfort. The EXTREME interiors, consisting in a single central module carrying all fixed weights and on board loads, are for professional racing. Moana Custom department offer others up-grade possibilities such as: full carbon construction, canting keel, daggerboards or foils, custom deck or interiors.

Given M35' WRC high speeds, the cockpit can be well protected by a canvas sprayhood or by a rigid protection that completely covers the front of the cockpit and the helmsman, in IMOCA style.

As all Moana Bluewater Yachts M35' WRC is a very seaworthy yacht, but this one it's a “bullet”, the perfect tool for a crew to race inshore and in long distance offshore competitions like: Rolex Transatlantic, Transpac, ARC, Caribbean 600, Fastnet, Middle Sea Race, Sidney Hobart and similar races. It is ideal for a single or double handed crew participating in international or Mediterranean events, or in major ocean races like OSTAR, TwoSTAR, Transquadra, and everywhere a 35' is accepted."

Vittorio Malingri      


Builder:                                   Moana Shipyard

Naval architecture :               VMV YD

Structure:                               VMV YD

Interior design:                      VMV YD

L.O.A:                                      10,66 m

L.W.L:                                      10,01 m
B max:                                     4,00 m
Depht:                                      2,70 m   

Light displacement:              3000 kg. (Extr. 2,8T  R. Com. 3,3T)

Keel ballast:                           1000 kg. 

Water ballast                          2 x 500 kg.
Upwind sail area:                   103,37 m²

Downwind sail area:              135,27 m²
Main:                                        53,77 m²

Code 0:                                     49,60 m²
Genoa:                                      35,80 m²

Staysail:                                   22,00 m²
Asymmetric spinnaker:          81,50 m²

Water tank:                              1 x 65 lt
Fuel tank:                                 1 x 65 lt

Black water tank:                    1 x 20lt
Engine:                                     1 x Yanmar 1Ohp (opt. 14hp/21hp)

Transmission:                          shaft line, 2 blade folding prop.

Batteries:                                 1 x 110A home, 1 x 110A engine


M35'WRC side view.jpeg

M35'WRC was created to race at the higher level and to be able to sail in any whether condition, as often found in the most demanding races. This 2021 design includes all the best features conceived and tested on latest generation open boats. The basic configuration, fixed keel and ballast, allows an adequate purchase and management cost, a reliable yacht much lighter and simpler than a foiler and with no logistical problems in ports. The hull is very powerful, to suffer very little the conditions favorable to foilers and to perform better in the conditions which penalize foilers regaining the gap.


M35'WRC standard version is supplied with all the essential solutions needed to participate in offshore races: swinging bowsprit, full deck plan, racing sail plan, water ballast, double fixed rudders and fix deep T keel. All the three proposed internal layouts allows full life aboard before and after races. This way the owner budget can be concentrated on technical gear, sparing high crew's hotel and restaurant costs. A livable interior allow also cruising holidays, for many owners often more relevant than the racing use.

The standard RACE Base layout, host up to a crew of six. Spacious and bright it feat also a separate full toilette.

Designed for a cruising/racing use the RACE Comfort layout has a bow area with a double cabin and a separate full toilet.

The EXTREME Base layout it's the ideal one for single or doublehander racing, if upgraded can also host up to six people, and there is even the possibility to fit a simple separate toilette. It is the lighter layout, allowing also the maximum righting moment.



M35'WRC white in air 3-4 front bottom vi

The M35' WRC Base version is hand laid laminated with care and precision on female molds, using multi-axial and unidirectional E- glass fabrics on high density PVC core, using vinylester resin and post cure. The light but very strong hull and deck of the M35'WRC are reinforced by a structure of composite longitudinals, floors, bulkheads and beams, involving: boat bottom, bow, keel area, mast foot, chainplates and engine. In the bow lamination it's inserted Kevlar fabric, there is a crash box and a watertight bulkhead. Aft a watertight bulkhead isolates the rudder compartment from the living area.

The keel top has a pyramidal box shape and is interlocked in a matching case, structural with the hull. Two big prisoner are for interlocking and supporting it. All side and longitudinal loads are supported by the hull case reinforced by a grid of floors and longitudinals. The keel blade is in Weldox steel and the 1000kg bulb is lead.

Rudders are built by e-glass/carbon/epoxy; they are external for easy of maintenance and eventual replacement while at sea. They are fitted on SS hardware. Rudders system gear is easily accessed by top openings in the spoiler. Lifting rudders are an option, they are useful for less drag and to minimize the risk of hitting floating objects.

All big fix weights on board are placed in the centerline, to provide a better righting moment on both sides, and close to the longitudinal center to improve wave passage.

The water ballasts, 500 lt. on each side, are divided into two independent compartments, aft and central. Their shape is made to maximize the righting moment and retard the negative stability. The water is charged, discharged and transferred by an electric pump , or, sparing energy, by hydrodynamic scoops and gravity.


M35'WRC white in air 3-4  rear top view.
The deck has been designed to protect and give safety and comfort to the crew, to maneuver quick and easy in short crew.
The roof has an important dimension to ensure rapid righting in the event of a capsize, to protect the cockpit's from wind and spray, to provide interior height. All hatches and portholes are high on the deck and can be kept slightly open in light air without the risk of wetting the interior.
Deck plan feature Andersen ST winches and ANTAL deck gear for all maneuvers, running back stays, 2 fix vang/preventers, barbers and circuits for mast head J0 and asymmetrical spinnakers. Jib sheets points are 3D, the passageways are clear from deck gear, placed on the roof side step. The aluminum bowsprit can be oriented sideways from the cockpit.
The cockpit is deep and comfortable; the crew is protected by a canvas or a rigid sprayhood, which allow sight at the sails and at the bow.
The entrance is through a Lewmar watertight main hatch, all external lockers are under the cockpit sole and drain directly into the sea. Materials such as anchor, fenders and light sails are stowed in the sail suite, accessed by a top hatch or by the interiors, or in the two cockpit bottom lockers .


M35'WRC sail plan.jpeg

The Velscaf aluminum self supporting mast is a 10/11 fraction rig, the single level spreaders are swept aft 25°, the discontinuous rigging is by 1x19 SS wire on bronze/SS turnbuckles on SS chainplates. The mobile staysail stay is Dyneema like the running back stays, present for safe, tuning and for mast top sails.

The mast is placed in the longitudinal center, with the boom aft end flush with the stern, this leave space to a large bow triangle. The square headed mainsail is on ANTAL track system, 3 generous reefs reduce it into a trysail. In extreme conditions M35' WRC sail up wind well balanced, also under storm jib alone , cause the rear sail position, just in front of the mast, does not give whether helm.

M35' WRC Base has a 110% J1 with 1 reef hand, a 110% staysail also with 1 reefs hand, a storm jib on a textile stay with it's tack at the roof end. Both front sails just need to be lowered on deck, where they remain protected and ready in their stay's deck bags.

Several rigging upgrades can be made adopting: aluminum wing mast rotating on spreaders (no outriggers), fix or rotating carbon mast, carbon boom, fiber rigging, fixed or swinging carbon bowsprit .


M35'WRC white in air 3-4  rear view.jpeg
M35 'WRC RACE Base has a 14hp diesel Yanmar engine, RACE Comfort a 21hp, EXTREME a10hp, small and light it's ideal for racing and charge batteries saving fuel. The position, under the entrance, has full inspection from four sides. M35' WRC RACE can be fitted also with a 21hp , the Race Comfort with a 29hp and the EXYREME with a 14hp.
Transmission is a Reggiani shaft line with floating bearing, homokinetic joint and 2 blade Radice folding prop (3 for the RC). Under the body the shaft is protected by a skeg that improve route stability and reduce autopilot energy consumption.  Others options are two or three blade Max Prop, shaft & prop lifting system, hybrid, in-grid or full electric engines.
The cooling and exhaust pipes are though siphons for a safe use in rough seas. A 110ah alternator and a smart diode provide a fast batteries charge saving fuel. The engine panel is in the cockpit, as well the lever Morse cable control, they are recessed and protected in cockpit bench's front and right vertical planes.


We want or customers to be happy and proud of their yacht, we have a long experience of customization from our classic Moana Classic series where, on over 130 built series units, in 5 models, you hardly find two twin Moanas.


M35' WRC standard boat is offered as described above cause our experience suggest that on little yacht that's the better configuration to combine quality, performance, environment protection and yacht's cost. In few words we believe that a standard M35' WRC with EXTREME interiors, with a skilled and trained crew on board, racing in an Ostar, a Twostar, an ARC, a Middle Sea Race or in your area championship, to make some example of different racing for which M35'WRC has been created, it can win class and leave behind a lot of bigger boats. This is because on a little boat the lamination is made only by few layers of cloth, switch to full carbon will bring only a little weight gain. Nevertheless we know that there are more demanding owner willing to compete at maximum level, wanting a more rigid yacht, an optimization for the formula they prefer, a foiler, or a cockpit made exclusively for crew or singlehanded racing. They can order thur yacht or art of it to Moana Custom, the Moana Shipyard's custom department, dedicated to one off and to the upgrade of Moana Bluewaters Yachts composite. This open unlimited possibilities to improve or change our yachts in every aspect: from hull and deck lamination to appendages, from rigging to deck, from engine to plants.




  • Under vacuum lamination using vynilester or epoxy resin.

  • Part or full carbon lamination for deck and hull.


  • Appendages optimization for Open, IRC, ORC.

  • Canting keel

  • Lifting keel.

  • Foils or asymmetric daggerboards.


  • Roof layout

  • Cockpit layout.

  • IMOCA style rigid cockpit protection.


  • Specific formula sail plan optimization.

  • Carbon mast.

  • Rotating mast.

  • Carbon boom.

  • Carbon bowsprit, fix or swinging.

  • Fiber rigging.


  • More powerful 21hp engine for the RACE version, 29hp for the RACE Comfort and14hp for the EXTREME.

  • Lifting shaft line and prop.

  • Hybrid or in-grid or full electric engine.


M35' WRC is offered with three interior layouts, each one having various options. RACE, RACE Confort and EXTREME interiors can accommodate up to six crew members, some of them adopting options. This is a big advantage because often the cruising use time can be equal or superior to the racing one. Having a livable interior arrangement permit to host family and friends for holidays, amortizing purchase cost with a dual use. It' can be also a drastic reduction of the racing budget, by eliminating hotels & restaurants costs before and after the races, leaving more resources for sails, gear, boat optimization, delivery and crew trips. This is why all M35' WRC layouts feats a toilet with shower (option on the Extreme) and a serviceable kitchen.

The internal height is of 2,05m at the entrance, and the yacht is livable in upright position up to the sail suite. The furniture is made of painted composite sandwich panels with  solid Canadian cedar trims. In every version there is enough storage place, relative to his use, for gear, provisions and spares parts, also for long navigation, and the possibility to keep weight to windward if necessary.

Internal air circulation is ensured by entrance, main cabin and front hatches, two side portholes and two rear ones. At the anchor or during navigation the boat is cool and breezy. The aft and the saloon berths benefit from an air circulation between the entrance and the cockpit portholes. Even during navigation the entrance hatch can always be kept open, cause it's protected by the fabric sprayhood, as are the rear bench portholes, which are protected and have gutters.

The M35' WRC's optimum crew for long offshore races is four. In club racing a crew of six can offer more RM and faster maneuvers. When sailing single or double handed a good portion of all M35' WRC internal layouts can be disassembled. This lighten the yacht and leave space to move quickly and inspect every part of the boat.

Righting moment is strongly helped by water ballasts, but it's also important to place all internal weights well to windward and to be fast and comfortable to move all materials on the wind side, while taking or jibing. It's also important to have bunks on the wind side, as humans are a big weights on little boat and they cannot resist sitting on the rail for many days and nights during long distance races .

In addiction all M35'WRC interior layouts are designed with the aim to keep all major fix weight as engine, tanks batteries and systems  near the centerline for more RM on both sides. The same is to keep them near the longitudinal center for a better wave passage.


Race Base layout plan.jpeg

The RACE Base layout is the more indicated for an all round use between racing and cruising. It can accommodate a crew of four or, leaving on the dock the aft bunks, it can be optimized for double or single handed racing.


The main cabin has two adjustable sofa/bunks in the center and two swinging pilot bunks, In the center there is a module containing the sweet water tank, the ballast system and the batteries.

The kitchen is equipped with a light tilting two burners alcohol cooker. The sink has sweet water, by pressure and foot pump, and salt water by a foot pump. The discharge is by a manual pump, that serve also as internal bilge pump, and the outel pipe is equiped with a siphon to prevent water return when heeled. Over and under the kitchen top there are capable lockers for gear and food.

The chart table is placed in the saloon forward right corner. It has an instrument panel and a cabinet over it and a big shelve with high containment underneath. The working plan can be accessed by the front or seated on the right sofa forward end.

Forward of the main bulkhead, in the sail suite, there is a light separate toilet. The sink on the left is served by a sweet water tap/shower, pressure and  foot pumps, and salt water by a foot pump . The sink out let pipe has a siphon to prevent embark water when heeled port. It's discharged by a manual pump that serve also as second bilge pump for the forward compartment. A shower ca be taken in the center and the water discharged by the same manual bilge pump. On the right there is a light manual WC with it's wall mounted black water tank, that can be emptied in the water or from the deck. .

RACE Options

Race full optionals layout plan.jpeg

M35' WRC RACE interior can be upgraded for a crew of six with furniture, systems, and light storage containers. All options, except the toilet, can be easy removed for day racing or to compete in short crew.


A dining table, with folding wings and bottle and glass containment, can be fitted over the central saloon module. A tilting propane two burner stove with oven can be fitted in the kitchen.

For better light and air circulation two windows with integrated portholes can be fitted aft of the pilot bunks.

Two additional adjustable berths can be placed in the front compartment. They are good for crew rest or to store sails and other sailing gear when sailing in light air.

RACE Comfort

Race Comfort layout plan.jpeg

The RACE Comfort interior is for  owners spending equal time racing and cruising, or for those liking fast cruising or to compete in ocean rallyes, as ARC, and then use the yacht for tropical holidays

Saloon and the aft compartment are identical to the RACE layout with some differences:


  • Fix sofas/berth with backrest cushions and lockers underneath.

  • There is a main dining table with folding wing over the central module.

  • Kitchen stove has two burners and oven


The saloon is roomy with plenty of air and light. a folding wings dining table is fitted on top of the central case; it contain all major fix weights as: sweet water tanks, pressure sweet water pump, water ballasts system and batteries.

In the main bulkheads there are two doors. The left one give access to a double bed cabin and the right one to the toilet.

There are wood trims on the furniture and a central roof finishing panel with integrated cabin lights.

The kitchen is equipped with a tilting propane stove with burners and oven. Over and under the kitchen top there are capable lockers for gear and food. The sink has sweet water by pressure/foot pump and salt water by foot pump. The discharge is by a manual pump, that serve also as internal bilge pump, to prevent water return when heeled down wind the outlet pipe is equipped with a siphon.


For  better light and air circulation there two windows with integrated portholes are fitted aft of the pilot bunks.

The chart table on the saloon front right corner has an instrument panel over it and big lockers underneath. The working plan can be accessed by the front or seated on the right sofa forward end.

The forward double cabin is extremely roomy due to wide M35' modern open style bow's waterlines. The cabin has a classic layout with tall cabinet, drawers and a seat on the left and forward double bed .Under the bed there is ample storage, accessible by the cooridor, for sails and sailing gear  .

The separate toilet is very roomy. The sink is served by sweet water and placed near the center line, not to go underwater when the yacht is healed starboard. There is plenty of storage for personal items, pharmacy ,toilet and cleaning materials . Manual WC has a black waters tank that can be emptied in the water or from the deck. A shower tent protect the surrounding furniture, the water is collected and discharged by a manual pump that serve also as second bilge pump, used also to empty the forward watertight compartment.


Extreme layout plan.jpeg

EXTREME Base interior it's the right choice to race at the maximum level as it has only a very contained furniture weight, sparing a front bulkhead, side furniture panels and floors, compared to the RACE and RACE Comfort layouts. All weights are concentrated in the centerline and in the longitudinal center. That allows larger ballasts, as all central fix weight go to windward when the healing 10° test is performed, resulting in a greater righting moment. When sailing all mobile weighs, as sails, ropes, gear, food and beverages, can be moved on gthe windside in the wall bags, over the bunks, or under them in others cloth bags if there is crew resting on the wind side.

Complying with the main offshore race rules there are three waterproof bulkheads, dividing the yacht in four separate compartments, leaving rudders systems divided by the rest of the interiors.

This layout feature two comfortable adjustable berth in the main cabin sides. When sailing single or double handed this two side bunks can be removed or left to store materials. In the center there is a module made by a chart table with seat placed in front of a case housing fuel tank and lockers. Placing the seat backrest between the cart table and the seat, the central module is transformed in a pilot berth. Under the central module are stored: fuel and water tanks, pressure water pump and pipe systems, ballast pump and vanes. Over it can be stored, sails, ropes or any gear that need to be at hand and that can be placed also on the two side bunks to bring weight on the wind side if needed. Batteries are stored under the chart table, in elevate position from the bottom, ths way all the electric system is cncentarted in the yacht center with very short cables..

The galley is in the front compartment, opposite to the chart table. It's equipped with a sink and an alcohol cooker. Under the galley there is a locker for food, and the sweet water tank and his foot pump. Salt water is also present for washing and cleaning, is coming from the ballast intake by foot pump.


Extreme full optional layout plan.jpeg

M35' WRC EXTREME interior can be upgraded for a crew of six with furniture, systems, and light storage containers.


All options, except the toilet, can be easy removed for day racing or to compete in short crew.


When racing with a four people crew, or needing to store upwind more material for longer navigation, two additional adjustable pilot berths, can be placed at cockpit sides.


There is also the possibility to fit two windows with integrated portholes aft of the bunks for air and vent.

Two additional adjustable berths can be placed also in the front. They are good for crew rest and to store sails and other sailing gear when sailing in light air.

The separate toilet (opt.), is located in front of the  watertight bulkhead accessible by a small watertight door.

It's extremely light and simple, but make a great service in many condition permitting dignified life on board, at mooring or in navigation, when crew sailing. The manual light WC is equipped with a black water tank. The composite sink served by a sweet water tap/pump, or pressure pump for shower possibility, it discharge directly in the boat bottom, where water is collected by the compartment bilge pump, or in a little tank (not shown in the render) that is manually emptied outside.


All interiors versions can be further upgraded with accessories and system to improve the crew comfort and the storage capabilities:

  • Cloth storage pockets mounted on the wall , above the aft berths, saloon sofas and in the sail bay.

  • Cloth door for all cabinets.

  • Cloth under bunks storage pockets.

  • Composite sandwich additional top cabinets or shelves.

  • 12V. sweet water pressure pump for the EXTREME layout.

  • 12V. bilge pumps in the saloon and forward compartment.

  • 16lt or bigger water boiler powered by 110/220v or from the engine cooling system.

  • Refrigeration.

  • External transom cold or hot/cold shower.

  • Electric WC

  • 10lt/h 12v Power Survivor desalinator.

  • Tilting stove with 2 burners and oven for the RACE layout

  • 40l/12/110-220v. top opening fridge

  • Extra house batteries.

  • 30ah/12V. smart battery charger.

  • 12V. > 110V or 220V 500W inverter.

  • 12V. Fans.

  • Heating


Moana Bluewater Yachts standard versions do not include; sails, ropes, electronics, anchor and mooring gear and safety gears. Moanas are for professionals and expert owners accustomed to their preferred brands and kind of gear, or with established relationships with their sailing area suppliers. However we offer our experience to choose any kind of material and system. If ordered with the yacht optionals can be bought trough Moana Bluewater Yachts, with our full shipyard discount, or even be supplied by the client. For material ordered after the yacht order we will ad only a 10% on our professional discount. To fit optional on board, or to create customization, only the standard shipyard hour will be charged .

Our service include also personal gear as marine wear and personal gadgets.



We are a OneSails agent and can discount products from the Italian lofts.

Same for Gottifredi & Maffoli ropes, Antal, Harken, Lewmar, Profurl, Karver, and all the main sailing gear brands.



We have professional discount from: Raymarine, Garmin, B&G, Simrad, Furuno, Iridium and from all main supliers.


We have discounted prizes from: Indel Webasto Marine,Vetus, Victron Energy, Mastervolt, Quick , Power Survivor an many others.



We have professional discount with: Lofran's, Lewmar, Lalizas, Osculati and other main suppliers.



HH, Henry Loyd, Musto, Gill, Aigle are all our usual suppliers and with which we have pro discount.

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