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Spirit of Tradition Schooner80'


A Spirit of Tradition yacht it is probably the best option in the choice of a luxury high quality yacht. The classic look never age and shade any modern design, the harmony  and the warmth of the hull and deck lines create an exclusive atmosphere recalling style and glamour. Under the waterline there is a modern yacht with all the features required by his owner; everything is possible from the smooth sailing cruising yacht to the fastest record breaker surfer. In the air carbon masts and techno sails have only the colors and the appearance of an old timer, while they are the last possible option available. Inside A Sprit of Tradition yacht can be finished with traditional decor or in a more modern way, in any case the comfort and the onboard systems are last generation technology.

At Moana Custom we have a strong passion for Spirit of Tradition yachts, we love to design and build them, knowing they will last for ever sailing through ages with out loosing they charme. This schooner 80' design was originally born as a sailing school yacht, intended to cross ocean after ocean with a crew of 18 students and 3 instructors. We designed also a family interior with 4 double cabins with enclosed toilettes and separate crew quarters for 4. The raised saloon, with it's double sofà, provide a protected rest room on deck with a 360' visual on sea and  deck. The vast deck can accomodate more than one lounge area, two tenders and many guests.

From the technical side we have a powerful last generation open hull, twin rudders and a lifting T keel. The rig feature two square head full battened mains and a full battened staysail, all self tacking on booms with reduction reef, plus an head sail on the bowsprit. Code0 and asymmetric spinnaker can be flight from the aft main mast top to the tip of the bowsprit, passing over the foremast top as the main stay and the marocchine are in line, like the famous schooner "Nina. This 80' schooner, despite his look, it is a serious contender also in a modern yacht's Rolex transatlantic or Transpacific race. It is also a fast way to move between a cruising spot and another, a professional crew of 2 people can easily handle in any situation.

This is only an example of what Moana Custom can produce on our or external design. A cruising spirit of tradition yacht can be built with a composite vinylester/E-glass hull and deck, a yacht intended for speed, or to partecipate to transatlantic events and races, can be built in full carbon/epoxy under vacuum and post cured, in way to compensate the weight of a comfortable and well finished interior and of the cruising systems with out increasing the displacement and keeping a low drag hull.

There are no limits to imagination. Once the length, the hull shape and the rig is preliminary chosen there is a deep historic search to see which superstructures and details can be adopted in line with the yacht and the use it is intended for. All owner requests are part of our design work and are optimized with our experience in sailing and building any kind of yachts. The result it is a yacht tailored around Owner's needs and passion, with the value and the charme of a unique piece and the easy mantainance of a modern composite yacht.

Moana Custom is ready to give shape and built your dream.

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