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Long Range Cruiser115'


A total new concept of power long range cruising based on a very low drag hull, contained superstructures, low power diesel electric In-Grid propulsion. A power yacht able to cross oceans and face heavy seas conditions with a running cost lower than any other powered vessel. Moana Custom idea of power world cruising is "to go every where a sailboat can take you". 

From a summer holidays to far away exploration  a 115' Long Range Cruiser offer a high degree of comfort to his Owner and guest and plenty of storage place for toys and various gear and adeguate crew quarters. As a full custom the yacht is redesigned around new owner needs and use. Everything is optimized: owner quarters, number of guests cabin, living areas, preferred activities. Exteriors and interiors are shaped around the desired specifications and plants and propulsion are chosen in way to produce the desired comfort and performances.

With a 10/11kn average cruising speed, with smooth longitudinal motion and stabilized roll, life on board and a comfortable use all cabins and areas are permitted also during deliveries. Used to high quality production we build every kind of decor and we install house and yacht systems of the latest technology, there is total choice about layout, style and finishing and to assemble smart energy saving configurations for the production and the use of electricity, water, clima, refrigeration, recreational.

The proposed 115' design shows a classic look, we are also working an a very modern version in a length from 55' to 75'. All of them have in common a reduced frontal section for less windage and wave impact, a very low hull wetted surface, they are light but strongly build in composite, they are non capsizable and have fix ballast , they have one shaft transmission hydraulic powered served by two small engines or 2 electric engines + 2 generators, they have twin fin stabilizers they have more than 3500 miles range.

This way of power cruising is becoming more and more interesting. Without the limits of the seastate, the highly reduced running cost and a 240 miles a day approaching speed, a comfortable life aboard during deliveries trip far away areas becomes possible holydays targets and the cruising ground varies during the year.

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